​​​​​​Dina Greenberg

The Fiber of Her Being

Inside Magazine

​Spring 2007

For fiber artist Nancy Nagle, all roads were leading to one place: the charmingly funky Nangellini Gallery on South Street. Just about two years ago, Nagle opened the doors to a venue as bright, quirky and inviting as the artist herself. Here she has cleverly melded two seemingly incongruous elements - what Nagle describes as the "testosterone-driven" paintings of fellow Philadelphia artist John Stango and her own eclectic mix of high-end knitted and crocheted clothing and accessories.

Unlike Stango's larger-than-life, Warhol-inspired pop-art paintings, Nagle's work is decidedly feminine. This unexpected pairing manages to exude a surprisingly cohesive effect and, according to Nagle, draws a diverse customer base.