​​​​​​Dina Greenberg


​​​​Editing for: 

  • Fiction
  • Creative non-fiction
  • Academic and peer-reviewed papers and articles
  • Corporate and non-profit communications​


  • Correcting spelling, syntax, and grammar 
  • Ensuring consistency 
  • Examining arguments, facts, and style
  • Suggesting revisions 

Substantive editing:

  • Revising and reordering sentences and paragraphs, and even chapters, to improve clarity, readability, and strength of argument
  • Copyediting

Developmental editing:

  • Helping authors develop the fundamental themes, structure, format, and argument of their work
  • Offering feedback throughout the writing process 
  • Rewriting as required​​


  • Finding and fixing typographical, grammatical, stylistic, and other errors